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Painting FAQ

What do I need?
  • Either a phone or a tablet running a browser like Chrome or Safari, with an accelerometer (most modern devices have one)
  • Another device (computer, phone, or tablet) that can join a Zoom video conference to watch the painting
  • About 10-25 minutes
Does it cost anything?

These limited-time weekly VIP sessions are totally free if you just want to make a painting with ERAS. If you decide that you want to keep it, we ask for $17 to cover materials and shipping, but we can only ship to the US. Otherwise, we’ll be glad to accept the piece as a donation.

Can I collaborate with someone else?

Yes! Two people can control ERAS at the same time. You can either be in the same room, but each using a separate phone/tablet, or you can be in totally different locations (in which case you’ll both need a device for joining the video conference and a device for controlling ERAS)

I can’t make any of the available time slots. Can you schedule a session that fits my schedule?

Yes. However, because it will take away time from development activities, we charge $20 to schedule a special session.

How many colors are in the palette? Can I choose them?

The current version of ERAS allows for 4 different colors to choose from. We will prepare syringes with a palette of 4 colors each day. If you would like a custom palette, write what you would like in the details section when you sign up on the Calendly.

Will this be recorded?

If you’re willing, then yes! Recording and livestreaming make it really easy to share your fun experience with friends and loved ones. It also helps us improve the experience for future users. However, we will not record / stream users under the age of 18 without a parent being there. We will always check with you before the session begins to see whether or not you want this to be recorded.