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Stress-Free Thanksgiving Break: “No Muss, No Fuss” Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving Break is a time for families to come together, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. However, as any parent knows, keeping the kids entertained during this break can be a challenge. The good news is that you don’t need elaborate plans or expensive outings to ensure your children have a memorable and enjoyable break. Here are three “no muss, no fuss” activities that will keep your kids entertained and happy without causing you stress.

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt

One of the simplest yet most engaging activities for kids is a nature scavenger hunt. This activity not only gets them outdoors but also encourages observation and curiosity. Plus, it requires minimal preparation.

What You Need:

  • Small paper bags or buckets for each child
  • Marker or crayon
  • List of items to find (leaves, rocks, acorns, pinecones, etc.)


  1. Create a list of items for the scavenger hunt. Tailor it to your local environment, so if you’re in a city, it might include things like finding a red mailbox or a certain-shaped leaf.
  2. Give each child a bag or bucket and the list of items.
  3. Set a timer and let the kids loose. The goal is to find as many items as they can within the given time.
  4. Once the time is up, gather together, and have each child show their treasures. You can discuss what they found and why each item is unique.

This activity not only keeps the kids occupied but also provides an opportunity to teach them about nature and the environment. It’s a win-win!

2. Remote Painting

What is “remote painting”? Imagine letting your kids paint abstract art without having to buy, store, and/or clean up paints, brushes, or canvases. You can’t get more “No muss, no fuss” than that! The lack of a mess may be second to the experience of creating artwork in an innovative way. Plus your child has the added experience of receiving their painting in the mail. At Paint By Motors, we specialize in providing this option by appointment and the set up process on your end is simple.

What You Need:

  • A smart phone or tablet
  • An internet connection


  1. Schedule a session to use an ERAS – Paint by Motors’ “Extended Reality Art Studio.”
  2. Take a moment to understand the GUID browser-based app for controlling ERAS.
  3. Open a link provided by Paint by Motors, in the browser of your choice.
  4. Have fun!

You do have the option to request specific colors and canvas sizes, within limits. Feel free to contact us on Instagram or Facebook with any questions.

3. Blanket Fort Movie Night

Transform a regular movie night into an unforgettable experience with a blanket fort. This activity is perfect for those colder Thanksgiving nights when you want to stay cozy indoors.

What You Need:

  • Blankets and sheets
  • Cushions or pillows
  • Fairy lights or battery-operated candles
  • Favorite movies or a curated selection
  • Popcorn and snacks


  1. Clear a space in your living room or any designated movie-watching area.
  2. Use blankets, sheets, and cushions to build a fort. Let the kids get creative with the design.
  3. Add fairy lights or battery-operated candles to create a magical atmosphere inside the fort.
  4. Set up the movie area with a comfy blanket and pillows.
  5. Pop some popcorn and gather other favorite snacks.

Once the fort is ready, let the kids crawl inside with their snacks, and enjoy a movie together. It’s a simple yet magical activity that creates lasting memories.

How’s that for ideas on things for your kids to do during Thanksgiving Break? We hope that elevates some of the stress for parents out there. By incorporating these “no muss, no fuss” activities, you can ensure your kids have a wonderful and memorable break without the need for elaborate plans or complicated preparations. Embrace the simplicity and enjoy the quality time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

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